Tuesday, April 28, 2009


So I am not going to lie...I really had fun doing this assignment! It was something I have never done or thought about doing. We had to use GPS systems to find different items around campus. Our first one was much easier to find than our second. Some problems we encountered were if you don't know exactly how to use a GPS system it can really slow you down. We messed up the coordinates and accidentally deleted them and didn't know how to get them back. Also the GPS only takes you to general area of the cache and not to the exact spot.

I feel, being a future social studies teacher, I could incorporate this material into a lesson. For example, talking about geography, I can tell my students some simple and broad coordinates and then have them tell me where it takes them.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Yum, yum that was DELICIOUS

Delicious is so yum, yum in my tum, tum. I missed part of class but with a simple instructions I was able to catch on and start deliciousing right away. It is very simple and I would use this to help create lesson plans by bookmarking other teacher's work and incorporating some of their ideas with mine. Also, I could give my students a link to this site and show them how they could use this when studying for a research project. I know in high school this would have been wonderful to have during my English and World History classes.

This is a link to my bookmarks and network! Rock it and rock face!

Zotero Prezi!

I have already given plenty of information about Zotero but here is some more! It is my very first attempt at a Prezi and it's a little more eye catching because it is so new and different.

Go to this site and my Jing video is on there.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Ideal Classroom

The Ideal Classroom Reflection

1. Describe the topic of your Ideal Classroom project.
The topic of our Ideal Classroom focuses on many different aspects of teaching. We included all parts of the majors and subjects we study here in college. For example, Kurt used a science method, using a greenhouse and parts of different vegetation. I used geography of Belgium to incorporate a social studies text to the lesson. Nate and Jarrod also contributed to the lesson plan by adding many different types of technology and other aspects to the lesson that would help them create and use this as a lesson. This type of multi-topic lesson is to help students think of the larger picture instead of just one subject or thing at a time.

2. Why did you select that topic and what did you hope to create?
We hoped to create a learning environment that would allow all the students to be able to pick a technology and use it either in their science or social studies lessons. This would help students understand how to use different technologies and use it to complete lessons. We also hoped to make this lesson interesting and fun! We wanted our students to enjoy themselves.

3. Describe the thinking and creation process that you used to create your final project.
We brainstormed on what type of accommodations would need to be made for disabled students and how we would want to create a fun, technology integrated and informational lesson plan. We had no budget and believe it or not we didn't break the bank like we thought we would or even come close to the budget other groups came to. We ended with about a $28,000 bill. We looked up different types of technology as well as using what we already knew and used Promethean boards, Elmo, and different task boards to help create the perfect classroom.

4. How did you use technology to collaborate with your team partners.
We actually used very little technology when we collaborated with each other. When we met as a group which seemed to pose no problem for anyone in our group we used a computer to create an outline of our class. We used google sketch which is a google application which allows you to create pretty much anything you want and we used it to create desks, chairs, a classroom, a greenhouse, and many other things.

5. Explain at least one barrier that you confronted while completing the project.
One barrier I had completing this one was being able to contact my team to know where exactly the blog had been posted. We had a little trouble towards the end contacting one another. Another problem would have been if I would have been asked to create something on google sketch I would have been lost so maybe if such an application had been explained we all could have made our own sketch and then added to each others.

6. Explain what you learned from this project? This could include topic material, group work, etc.
I learned that there are tons of ways to incorporate technology in a social studies lesson. To be honest with I was having troubles thinking of ways to use different technologies to use in an everyday middle school social studies class. Now I feel a little more confident in trying to think of more creative and complex ways to present a lesson. It was very nice to work with a group. With the little instruction given we all counted on each other for almost a crutch and once we started to talk and brainstorm things became easier and started to fall into place.

7. Any final words that you might have about the project or the process.
I understand why we weren't given our instructions right away and that was going to my final thought that we should be given more instruction but now that I have done the assignment and know what it feels like to have completed something for myself I feel much better and more confident.

Nit-Wit..no silly it's Twit twit!!

Twitter, twitter. I am currently working on a blog about twitter applications. I have never really played around with Twitter and I'm sure if I looked around more and played with it more I would become an obsessed whiz at it. But today I have found an application called Tweet Scan. It is really very remarkable. There are millions of tweeters out there and tons of information to be thrown around. How could I possibly get what I am looking for? Tweet Scan does just that. It simplifies your search and search time.

Say I am a high school student looking for help or information about a certain author or politician. So I go to http://www.tweetscan.com/ and enter in, for example, President Obama. This search then filters through the millions of "tweets" and finds posts and updates that are important to your search. When I typed in President Obama there were updates and links to follow Obama and different news reels. This can be very very helpful when students are asked to do Current Event topic in class. Students would be able to follow these news reels and report them back as well as give a reason they believe Obama or whoever they are following did their actions. You can also search my website or user if you know they have posted previous updates.

I believe this would be a helpful tool for any student who is looking for help or for information about a certain topic. Tweet scan is helpful for sorting out lots of information very quickly and painlessly for the user. GO TRY IT!

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Great Basketball Coaching Site

This site has everything a coach could possibly want! It has drills for offense, defense, fundamentals of shooting, passing, and ball handling. If the description for a certain drill or action sounds complicated it has a video link to actually view whats going on. Another great addition is tips for players with fundamentals and the mental aspect of the game.